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Bhubaneswar : Recently the O&G Department of Apollo hospitals Bhubaneswar has added a new feather to its cap by performing a very rare and unique surgery for fallopian tube reconstruction with Robotic method which is First ever in the state of Odisha done by Dr Jay Prakash Pani Senior consultant Department of Gynecology.

A 32yrs old lady along with her husband has approached Dr J P Pani with post tubal ligation surgery(Family planning operation) But due to some personal reason the couple wanted reversal of that surgery i.e Tubal Recanalisation,

which is quite difficult to join the cut ends of the tubes as it is to be performed in a highly magnified way with very fine suturing skills to get the utmost result.In this surgery Dr Pani was assisted by Dr Sipra lenka, Dr Swetalina Jena,Dr Pallavi Das and senior anaesthesist Dr Debabrat Dash.

According to Dr Pani,the tubal reconstructive surgery was usually performed earlier by open method or laparoscopically, where the magnification is not that proper to give the best result But thanks to Robotics which not only provides excellent magnification but also a 3 dimension approach so that the reconstruction(end to end joining of the cut ends of the tubes) can be made in a finer way with minimal injury to the tubes.

Robotic Surgery ia an recent advancement where the surgeon performs the surgical steps by sitting in the Robotic console using his surgical acumen with help of very steady Robotic arms and 3D magnified vision and targeted approach.But beforehand the surgeon must be very qualified and trained.

Till now Dr J P Pani has performed the highest no of Robotic surgery by Da Vinci in the state. He also added the advantages of Robotics like very minimal pain,less hospital stay(less than 24hrs), early recovery and better patient compliance .Almost all gynecological surgeries like uterus removal, Fibroid and ovarian cyst operations as well as the cancer surgeries can be performed by this.

Apollo hospital bhubaneswar the only and first in the state to perform Robotic surgery by Da Vinci having its qualified surgeons with state of the Art infrastrusture.

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